I've had the opportunity to work with so many lovely women - from first-time moms, to experienced moms, including moms planning VBAC's (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean.) I am thrilled to work with you and meet your individual needs for the very special birth you are planning! - Angie Egan, CHt, HBCE

Client Testimonials

"Angie will definitely prepare you for the natural birth you want. It was our second pregnancy and she helped refresh our memories on all the hypnobirthing techniques and get us in the right head space for our next delivery. She is a wonderfully warm, funny and welcoming person and you feel complete trust in her. Her classes are held in such a peaceful setting you don't want to leave at the end of class!" 2nd time Mom, Parker

"Taking HypnoBirthing classes with Angie was the best decision I made during my pregnancy. Her classes were comfortable, enjoyable and incredibly informative. I felt completely empowered and as though I knew exactly how to approach a hospital birth while protecting my intentions to have a medication-free delivery. Thanks to Angie's guidance, my husband felt informed and confident as well. I was able to have a beautiful, medication-free birth and I credit my HypnoBirthing skills 100%. After 7 hours of labor I delivered a 7lb 6oz, healthy little girl. She came into the world with a peaceful demeanor and has been a joy ever since. We will definitely be meeting with Angie again soon to prepare for birth #2!" 1st time Mom, Denver

"My wife and I attended Angie's HypnoBirthing program before our first child was born. Angie did an excellent job teaching us the skills we needed to have in order to make the birthing process as successful as possible. Her techniques made all of the difference in the world and we highly recommend Angie. She is a talented practitioner and she made us feel extremely comfortable with her approach" ​1st time Dad, Littleton

"I highly recommend Hypnobirthing and working with Angie! She was a perfect instructor for our family, knowledgeable and compassionate. She's completely professional, and also felt like a trusted friend and guide, offering unmatched support before and after our daughter was born. I sought out Hypnobirthing hoping to learn natural pain management tips, and what I learned about that alone exceeded my expectations. But I also learned so much more! I'm grateful in particular to have learned relaxation and breathing techniques that could benefit me during all stages of pregnancy, labor, birth, and motherhood -- and to be guided by Angie through the mental preparation, helping clear anxieties about the process. Having an instructor was absolutely the right thing for our family as opposed to learning about Hypnobirthing through a self-study. The class doesn't replace putting in the time to practice on your own, but I know I would not have gotten as much out of the program without Angie's guidance and unlimited support. Because of Hypnobirthing and Angie's support, my labor and birth was much happier and calmer that I could have ever imagined! Angie's personal insights and professional knowledge also helped us get on the same page with our care providers in advance. That was especially important when I encountered some special circumstances, allowing my husband and I to remain calm and better communicate with each other and the medical professionals helping us. A lactation consultant later told me that she's certain I would have had a C-section if I hadn't been armed with the tools of Hypnobirthing, including being in sync with myself, my husband, and my care providers. " ​1st time Mom, Denver

"...He is a sweetheart and we love his gentle and content demeanor! I was able to accomplish my goal of a natural labor and delivery with the help of the hypnobirthing method (thank you Angie!) and [my husband's] incredible support. We've had [baby] at home for a little more than 24 hours now and we love the sweet spirit he has brought into our family." 1st time Mom, Aurora 

"I labored for 12 hours at home and by the time we went to the hospital the contractions were two minutes apart and pretty intense for 40 seconds to a minute. I felt very calm and that the contractions were manageable. We believed in my body and our baby and the natural process of child birthing. While we were in triage I worked through some contractions and she asked the questions. We shared how we were practicing hypnobirthing and had birth preferences. Then, by the time she had me on the table she seemed surprised to find I was fully effaced. So, she wheeled me up to Delivery and shared with the doctors and nurses that I was ready to have this baby, which caused some confused looks on the medical staff faces because we were both really calm. Then, in response the triage nurse replied, "Do not take their calmness and composure as a indicator of what is really going on! They have been doing Hypnobirthing at home." And as she walked out of the room she was shaking her head and saying, "I tell you what, that stuff works!" I was wheeled up to delivery at 12:00 pm and [baby] was born at 3:00 in the afternoon." 1st time Mom, Denver

 "You are an excellent instructor not only for your knowledge but having that ability to be in tune with your clients. [My husband] and I were very comfortable with you and that made all the difference with learning how to practice the HypnoBirthing. I was surprised how easily I was able to let go of being in charge and let you lead me through the scripts. Thanks again!" 1st time Mom, Colby, KS

 "I'm so proud of myself for having a VBAC after two c-sections! Everything was perfect. Thanks Angie for everything couldn't have done it without you :)" 3rd time Mom (VBAC), Englewood 

"Mom was amazing and Angie gave us the tools and confidence to succeed!" 1st time Dad, Highlands Ranch

"I am very glad I did the HypnoBirthing, and I didn't have any medication, labor and after is so much better! I will tell everyone I know, and tell them to practice!" 3rd time Mom, Greenwood Village

 “We became so much closer because of the classes ... our son is so chill and calm ... our nurses called us rockstars!” 1st time Dad, Denver

"You are more than welcome to share our birth story! That would make me very happy to be able to encourage other couples with our experience. I think one of the biggest things that I got from the classes were the affirmations and knowing that my body could do it. I just kept telling myself while I was pushing that my body was meant to do this and that I was doing the best thing for our baby and that really helped. Like I said before, the breathing also helped tremendously…the breathing was what got me through.” 2nd time Mom, Englewood

 “Our second son is here! Though the due date was Jan 17th, we rushed to the hospital yesterday evening, and [mom] delivered him at 7:25pm, 20 minutes after checking in to the hospital… I must say he had made up his mind to be born, for he pretty much delivered himself!.. Mom and Baby are doing great!” 2nd time Mom, Denver

“I DID IT!!!!! I'm so proud of myself! …I stayed home until I was 8cm along and was able to do pretty well with the HypnoBirthing during that time…thanks for all your help and the refresher course. I'm certain HypnoBirthing got me through it!” 3rd time Mom (VBAC) Parker

 “My water broke Saturday and had meconium in it so we went to the hospital right away.  I was only dilated to a 1. I had really bad low back labor and labored naturally until about 5:00 Sunday morning … Although I ended up with pitocin and an epidural, I was able to use a lot of things from HypnoBirthing to help me visualize and breathe and relax.  I did "push" but it was only for about 20 min and not bad at all. Not at all how we had planned but I am so happy with the way things turned out and that I got to deliver vaginally.” 1st time Mom, Littleton
“[My husband] and I are so glad that we took this class from you, I wasn’t sure that I could do this, but now I have no fear about birth, I’m just full of excitement!” 1st time Mom, Castle Rock

 “Just wanted to tell you thank you for everything that you taught us! That was one of the best classes I have taken and I really learned a lot about myself and my hubby…I can’t wait to see our new baby and learning these techniques is going to make the experience even more enjoyable and special.” 2nd time Mom, Englewood

 “Thanks for being there when I was dealing with this....your words meant a lot!!!  I have been listening to the HypnoBirthing CD more and practicing relaxation a whole lot more… I have also taken your advice and talked to him more..."[baby]--there is no rush, you come when you are ready"...love love messages...all good!  Also, thanks for reminding me that I'm not late yet!  I feel better that the induction date is pushed til' 42 weeks...I think there's a better chance he'll come on his own and we can have the birth we hoped for.”  1st time Mom, Denver

“Thank you so much for all of this great information! …Thank you for being such a great teacher and for the vote of confidence!!!”  1st time Mom, Denver