From Mom:

At 5:30 am my water bag broke in the bed. [My husband] was at the work out at this time and I was just to get up for the day when it made "plop" suddenly and the water bag broke. I had no surges at this time. I only felt light pressure in the lower back. When [my husband] came home I told him we have a change of plan for that day since the 20th November is also our anniversary. :-) [My husband] called [our doula] to get some advise. Then we got ready for the day, had breakfast and went for a walk. At 10am I had an appointment for acupuncture to help surges to get started. 20min after the appointment I felt first light surges. During the day they became stronger but not painful at all. I also only felt the surges in the lower area of my uterus and my upper belly only became tight (it stayed like that all the time during labor and delivery).  

[Our doula] came to our place in the afternoon and we talked about the state of labor. But it seems to be an earlier stage of labor. We also informed our health care provider that my water bag broke earlier that day and they wanted us to go to Sky Ridge hospital asap. We ignored this statement though and stayed at home as long as wen could. ;-)

After dinner (around 6pm) my surges picked up in strength but very well manageable with hypnosis. I've tried not doing hypnosis with one surge and then I felt the pain much more intense. I was just curious about the difference how surges feels with and without hypnosis. ;-) Around 7.30 pm I felt all the sudden to go to the hospital and we called [our doula] to meet her at Sky Ridge Hospital.

On the way to the hospital I felt that the surges changed to more "pushing" surges. In the Emergency Room we had to wait for a few minutes before we could go to the triage room. I had to concentrate very much on my hypnosis and breathing so I didn't realize what's going on around me. So [my husband] and [my doula] had to answer all questions. ;-) 

In the triage room the nurse measured that I already dilated to 10 cm. Upstairs in the labor and delivery I met the nurse Lindsey who is a very nice, awesome, great delivery nurse. According to [my doula's] birth report I started pushing/breathing Lydia out starting around 9pm and 2 hours later Lydia was born. :-) During the "pushing" surges I felt a lot of pressure in the birth canal area which wasn't painful at all. But it surprised how much pressure the baby can make in the birth canal. I've never felt something like this before. The only uncomfortable part of delivery was the crowning of Lydia's head. In regards of pain only the first few seconds I had pain when the head crowned which each surge more. But after a few seconds it felt more like burning. 

During the crowning phase I was debating for 2-3 surges if I should push out the baby's head or take my time. I decided for option 1 and Lydia was born with one big push. Lydia had also her arm next to her head and her umbilical cord was wrapped twice around her neck. But she was doing good. However they had to take Lydia to the nursery room for some oxygen supply under the hood (she had a hard time to breath due to lot of fluids in her lungs) for 3 hours. Therefore I only had her very short on my belly right after she was born. That wasn't so nice but later in the postnatal room I had her back. :-)

During my labor and delivery I only used the "Lavender" and breathing exercise  which worked best for me. For practicing at home I listened to the relaxation CD but during labor I didn't feel like to listen to any scripts or music. I think I had to focus mentally in labor that the music and listening to scripts would distract me from my hypnosis and relaxation.

A Text From  Doula:

Baby Lydia was born last night at 11:01pm. [Mom] was INCREDIBLE. Seriously. You are a fabulous teacher. She had ROM (water broke) at 5:30am. No surges until 11:30am (after acupuncture) and when I saw her at 4:30pm she was happy as could be. We arrived at the hospital at 8pm to find she was 10cm & +2!

The doc could not stop talking about how impressive she was. He just raved about her.


‚ÄčFirst Time Mom Story

Baby Lydia

‚ÄčNovember 20th, 2013

**This was the first birth for this Mama, and she had the tremendous support of her husband and a skilled doula. Doula's comments about the birth are also included below.