Home Birth Story

Baby Carter

December 28th, 2015

**This is the second HypnoBirthing home birth for this mama. Her incredible story of how she and Dad remained calm as Dad delivered baby while midwife was making her way there, is below.

I felt my water break on his due date 12/28 at 4:05am. I immediately woke Chris and called my midwife who started to our house for our planned homebirth. Our first baby was only 3.5 hours from the first contraction to the time I was holding him, so we assumed Carter would also come quickly. My contractions started immediately and were 3 minutes apart and intense. I focused on breathing through them and trying to let my body do what it needed to do without getting in the way.

At 4:53am I called my midwife back because I was pushing involuntarily. She had me check to see where his head was and we realized I was going to deliver before she got to us.
She had us call 911 as a precaution because she was still 20 minutes away and with my first baby I had some hemorrhaging after delivering the placenta. [My husband] called 911 and kept our midwife on the phone to walk him through what to do. My body was pushing hard with my contractions and on the next one I birthed his head. I had another contraction almost immediately and birthed his shoulders and body, 5:11am. 

[Dad] did a great job staying calm and catching Carter! He unwrapped the cord from around his neck, it was wrapped 3 times around, and put him on my chest for skin to skin contact. Carter was breathing and alert with great color. I was laying half in the bathroom and half in the hallway and that's where I stayed until the emt's showed up several minutes after the birth. They monitored my bleeding and vitals until our midwife came, about 15 minutes after Carter was born. I delivered the placenta with the emt's and then our midwife checked baby and I out as soon as she arrived.

Overall we are recovering well and settling into our new family dynamic. Beckett is sooooo in love with his little brother. We are thankful Carter had no complications and we safely delivered on our own! Carter was 7lbs, 12 oz and 21inches!