Hypnosis for Seniors

  • Improve Memory
  • Decrease Chronic Pain
  • Eliminate Stress
  • Conquer Fears
  • Manage Weight
  • Regain Restful Sleep
  • Break Bad Habits
  • Alleviate Anger, Grief & Sadness

Hypnosis is a natural state of awareness and focus, and is a safe and effective way to make positive changes in your life. Therapeutic hypnosis uses relaxation techniques to relax the conscious mind and reach the subconscious mind, where suggestions are made to modify behaviors or thoughts. 

Individuals that practice hypnosis enjoy the benefits of better sleep, reduced stress, conquering fears and improving their overall health.

Angie has a special fondness for senior citizens, as she spent the early part of her career working as The Director of Activities at La Costa Glen, a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Southern California. Her background and experiences working in that Community equipped her with the understanding, empathy and respect needed to address the unique needs of this age group.