Q: "How does hypnotherapy work?"

My most frequent questions include how many sessions are needed, and what is the cost.  The good news is that it's often better than what you expected.

Unlike cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy has a distinct end-point. You don't continue to see me until you "feel better"  ... causing weeks, months and even years of ongoing sessions. Rather, hypnotherapy sessions are specifically structured not only to change the desired behavior, but to also teach every adult client the tools of self-hypnosis. Which means that most clients see me for about 3-5 sessions, total.

The value in learning self-hypnosis is unquantifiable, as once you learn the procedure you have the skills needed to successfully navigate through any of life's challenges. In other words, today you may come in to build self-esteem or rid yourself of an unwanted habit, but tomorrow you will have the ability to use that very skill set for any number of issues or problems that may arise. ​It's truly an investment in yourself.

I am passionate about teaching the steps to self-hypnosis, because I believe it's the foundation to happiness and self-fulfillment. You will create our own reality by making the changes that enable you to live a full, complete life by removing old thoughts patterns that keep you trapped.

I have a very simple approach, and everything you need to know about self-hypnosis is taught in my office. That means there are no tapes to listen to, and no lengthy hypnosis routines to follow. And for my younger clients, I teach parents the hypnotic tools I use in the sessions so they can continue to support their child at home.

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