‚ÄčThe birth itself was great and shocking too. First of all it was not a Hypnobirthing like according to the movies we watched. However, relative to the way I was panicked at [previous son's] birth this was really, really smooth. I made a few mistakes though.

I had been having contractions on and off all day, but the were mild cramps, once or twice an hour totally short and irregular and I was just ignoring it because it wasn't feeling like real labor. Did lots of errands. Just as we sat down to eat around 7pm I got one that felt stronger but still easy and short just needs to focus on breathing. Frankly I was frustrated and didn't even think I could be in labor. I told my excited kids that maybe something might happen at night or tomorrow. Finished dinner and cleaned up while taking a break here and there for a stronger one. Suddenly around 8 I got a really strong and long one. That made me stop and sway and moan. I told [my husband] to call the doula and went up to change and listen to my tape. But the surges started coming strong every 10 mins and then in half an hour I'm going 3-6 mins apart with really long surges and some back to back. I still in my mind can't believe that I'm in labor as I was still tidying the kitchen an hour ago! By that point I'm in the bath and everyone is there. It was too late to listen to the tapes - that was my mistake - cleaning the kitchen!!!! But I am breathing through the erratic surges but making jokes and conversation in between. A couple of times the intensity made me stand up right out of the bath and sway but it wasn't consistent and I have to say for the most part it wasn't really difficult to just breath through it all and visualize my happy place.

So that was the difference for me, Angie. Though I wasn't in a deep trance, I was not panicked, I was really happy and relaxed. At some point after 9 I asked to go poo and also for the vomit bucket. That's when [the doula] said no toilet (unless I want my baby born there) lets go to the hospital now. When we got there the nurse checked me and said I was complete. This was at almost 10pm. I said what now and they said we now wait for the doctor. I tried that through one surge, but my need to poo was overwhelming. I decided that I don't care, if they won't let me use the toilet, then I'm going on the bed. With the next surge I moaned low and breathed down to "poo" but really what happened was my water broke, a doctor magically appeared between my legs and asked me to push again when I'm ready. I breathed down again and then the doc said just half a push more and then Ayden was born at 10:14pm. So that was the other huge difference - no purple pushing, no begging for god's help, just flowing with my body's urges. The only time I panicked was when they asked me to "wait for the doctor" - that was very painful and I started screaming I can't wait anymore (of course not!) but [the doula] redirected me to breathe and moan low and it was all phenomenal.

I am so grateful - I had a wonderful support team and the breathing and visualization kept me calm and focused and I was still able to talk to my kids and everyone throughout and there was no drama till the last moment when the poor L&D nurse was scrambling for a dr. to catch the baby. My OB on call came about 10 mins late. My son took a pic of me smiling minutes before Ayden was born and I will email it to you soon. It's just that it all happened so fast and I was in disbelief for so much of it early on, I was still in shock when he was born so soon.

Third-Time Mom Story

Baby Ayden

July 14th, 2015

**This is the third child for this mama, but her first HypnoBirthing birth. Mom explains perfectly that not all HypnoBirthing births are "trance like" in Ayden's birth story, below.