​We welcomed Kincade Matthew into the world on Monday morning at 2:15 am (labor day!).

We are so, so happy with the way the birth went and we have you and HypnoBirthing to thank once again!

On Sunday, 12 days past his "due date" I went to the hospital to be monitored. Everything looked perfect with me and baby but my fluid levels were borderline. My doctor's only concern was that if my fluid levels continued to decrease then I'd be at an increased risk for a c-section and she knew I'd rather have a vaginal delivery. I should point out that this was not my normal doctor - it was a doctor from the practice who was on call because it was the weekend. She is not as "pro-natural" as my doctor. She suggested that I just stay and be induced.

[My husband] and I discussed our options and decided that we wanted to continue waiting. We would go home and drink lots of fluids and rest to be mindful of my fluid levels. We did agree to her stripping my membranes because we knew we were running out of time in some ways.

That day I started getting regular surges at 4:00pm. I was able to continue on through the day with breathing and just paying attention. I had dinner with my family and then relaxed on the couch. At 10:00 pm the surges started to get stronger and longer. They were still 8 minutes apart but I was really having to drop off into relaxation to get through them. They were feeling pretty intense. So we decided to head to the hospital.

We checked in at 11:00pm and the surges continued to be strong, but spaced out enough for me to feel in control and relaxed. Our nurses were wonderful and in full support of hypnobirthing. We love Littleton hospital! They never suggest anything that is out of my birth plan and are so informed of my birthing wishes ahead of time that it makes everything so smooth.

I was feeling the surges strongest in my back which was a challenge, so I labored standing and laying on my side. Lots of breathing and complete silence in the room. Just like I wanted with [our daughter]. [My husband] was so encouraging and made me feel empowered and in control the whole time.

When I check in I was already 7 cm dilated. A few hours later I was at a 10 and feeling a lot of pressure of the baby coming down.

The doctor on call wanted to break my water to make sure there wasn't meconium in the fluid and I agreed since I felt ready to breathe him down and I wanted to know he was safe. At that point things REALLY picked up. I pushed/breathed him down (I did my own combination of something) for 6 minutes and out he came!

I had a tiny tear on the side but nothing that required stitches which was SUCH an improvement from last time!

He was immediately placed on my chest for the first hour and we just bonded with him skin to skin. He found my breast by himself and nursed for the entire hour! It was pretty amazing.

He is healthy, beautiful and he came out so prefect thanks to having a non-stressful delivery. I love HypnoBirthing babies!

Thank you SO much for all your support. We had you in mind as we were making all of our decisions with our doctors and feel eternally grateful for how empowered and informed we have felt through both pregnancies thanks to your classes.

Two-Time HypnoBirthing® Mom Baby Kincade

September 11th, 2015

**This is the second HypnoBirthing birth for this mama. She did as beautifully the second time as she did the first! Read her baby's story, below.